Combine podcasts with blogs to boost SEO

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February 10, 2021, 8:30 AM GMT+0

Brands can enhance their search rankings by creating content around focused keywords, whether it is a blog post or podcast.

Podcast conversations are likely to contain a natural level of keywords around the topic discussed. However, Google cannot listen to podcasts yet. Posting transcripts or embedding podcast episodes within blog posts can help marketers improve their chances of being indexed by search engines.

Marketers should also consider creating show notes for every podcast episode. The show notes can be easily turned into a blog post focusing on the podcast's SEO aspect, making it more searchable.

They can further repurpose the show notes and transcripts into other content formats along with blog posts. Marketers can also use quotes from their podcast interviews in their blog posts. Cross-promoting blogs and podcasts can further help marketers enhance their reach and improve visibility.

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