AI can help improve customer experience

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February 10, 2021, 2:38 PM GMT+0

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can help design a seamless customer service experience.

A Salesforce study found that around 70% of B2B customers say connected processes, like seamless handoff or contextualised engagement based on previous interactions, are crucial for winning their business. More than half of B2B consumers also said that tailored engagement based on past interactions play a significant role in their business decisions. 

Implementing AI can help streamline the way brands interact with customers by anticipating consumer needs in advance. This technology provides trusted insights in real-time, allowing businesses to give customers what they need and want.

Companies can also use AI to identify, capture and index unstructured customer data along with their online shopping habits and personal financial arrangements. These insights can help brands create personalised marketing campaigns for each customer segment and enhance the overall customer service experience.

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