Paid media needs dedicated landing pages

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February 09, 2021, 12:23 PM GMT+0

A dedicated landing page is a page designed to drive specific actions by the target audience.

Instead of creating a generic landing page, marketers should create a dedicated landing page for each paid campaign. Dedicated landing pages allow for better targeting, and enhanced personalisation, based on user needs and their stages on the sales funnel.

Though dedicated landing pages work best for lead generation or service industries, ecommerce companies can also use it to highlight a specific promotion. These pages can help marketers drive specific actions like registration for a webinar, lead generation via whitepapers, demo or quote.

Marketers should make sure their dedicated landing pages offer a seamless user experience and address user queries. These pages should help keep users focused on the desired action. Marketers should also avoid using confusing or animated imagery to reduce user frustration and friction.

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