Gamified marketing campaigns drive sales

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February 09, 2021, 2:07 AM GMT+0

Business can stand out in a saturated market by gamifying the buying process.

Incorporating gamification into the marketing mix can help brands engage, reward, and improve retention while building customers’ trust and loyalty. Marketers must infuse behavioural elements and techniques in non-gaming contexts to gamify sales and marketing campaigns and boost social-human interactions.

Include a gamification process like points accumulation, leader boards, and prizes in marketing campaigns to boost consumers’ dopamine levels and enhance their brand satisfaction. Gamification also works well for following up sales and leads. Offer discounts and rewards to prospects to impact their future purchasing decisions.

For example, McDonald’s from 1987 to up until 2015 used the board game Monopoly to attract consumers to its restaurant chains. Companies can also boost social engagements, widen reach and create the impression of scarcity to drive demands by launching referral games or collectable products.

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