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February 09, 2021, 11:37 AM UTC

Publishers must deliver relevant and personalised content to foster customer trust and restore faith.

A recent PowerInbox study found consumers willing to see ads and get the content for free dipped from 82% in 2020 to 78% in 2021. These numbers indicate that more consumers are willing to pay for subscription this year. The study shows publishers have an opportunity to drive more subscriptions and increase revenues.

Almost half of the consumers said ads in emails do not bother them. Around 49% of consumers also said in 2021, trust in the publisher is the primary factor that entices them to subscribe to text messages. Similarly, trust also draws around 45% of consumers to subscribe to publishers’ WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger channels.

The article suggests publishers must deliver relevant and personalised content to instil trust among consumers. Publishers should also focus on connecting to subscribers over email and push notifications.

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