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February 08, 2021, 1:48 PM GMT+0

While CTV offers accountability and addressability, linear TV still offers large-scale audience targeting.

The pandemic led to a significant rise of on-demand video consumption across most channels including streaming services, DVR and regular cable. Businesses need to invest in platforms that are accountable, addressable, measurable and transparent. Investing in CTV platforms can help advertisers gain outcomes with less waste and greater flexibility.

Unlike linear TV, CTV allows marketers to tie existing data with a viewer action like the purchase or digital interaction. It enables marketers to analyse granular level data and target audiences better. However, linear TV is still a powerful and cost-effective tool for advertisers with broad audiences and mass-market products.

Audiences are increasingly consuming video on various platforms including OTT, CTV, linear TV and mobile apps. Taking a holistic audience-based approach to planning, buying, and video optimisation can help advertisers target audiences effectively.

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