Create a style guide for branded videos

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February 05, 2021, 2:03 PM UTC

Style guides help businesses maintain consistency and creating a recognisable brand identity.

Consistently creating branded videos can help companies expand their reach. Staying consistent in tone and visual style can help create a seamless viewing experience. However, marketers should make sure their videos align with brand values and audience needs.

Creating a style guide can help companies develop a similar sense of identity and help consumers associate content with the brand. To create a recognisable identity, brands must carry over the same iconography, music and logos in their videos for years.

Creating videos for each stage of the sales funnel can help marketers improve conversions. Videos for the awareness stage should provide brand-related information and focus on making an emotional pitch. Additionally, video for the bottom of the sales funnel should include more in-depth demos and testimonials to push viewers towards conversion.

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