Write keyword phrases with context

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February 04, 2021, 4:53 AM GMT+0

Brands can split their phrase with a full stop or a comma to make them sound natural and engaging.

To write seamless content without making it sound awkward, marketers must include well-researched keywords, focus on readability and user-intent in their content. Insert stop words like “A”, “The”, “Is” “And”, “Of” and more to make awkward phrases sound natural and assist Google in identifying keywords.

For example, “SEO services New York” can be rephrased as “SEO services in New York”. Factor-in context of the sentence to prevent awkwardness and write a well-written phrase. Marketers must be careful of where they place apostrophes in their phrases since they can change the meaning of a sentence, thereby its intent.

For instance, “women’s sneaker” and “womens’ sneakers” could deliver different search results. Having both the variations included in the content would help brands to widen reach and opportunities.

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