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February 04, 2021, 2:20 PM GMT+0

An Akea study found that nearly a fifth of the population faces disabilities, making their everyday tasks challenging.

Ecommerce businesses should make their website accessible to people with disabilities unless they want to lose 20% of their page views. They should embed screen-reading software on their websites to enhance the user experience of consumers with visual impairment. Marketers also provide cues like alt-text and captions to this software for optimum results.

Implementing higher contrast colour schemes can help marketers make their websites accessible to people with colour blindness. Marketers should also add subtitles and captions to their audio and video footages to enhance website accessibility. Improving accessibility can help marketers increase reach and sales while again staying compliant with regulations.

Ecommerce sites should design their platform for all devices and send a “no password” login link to reduce sign-in friction and further their reach. Adding multiple payment gateways can also enhance user experience and speed up checkout processes.

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