Bridge content gap with content audits

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February 04, 2021, 3:21 AM GMT+0

Running a market research survey with tools like Google Forms can help brands reach out to prospects and source content ideas.

Conducting a content gap analysis of webpages, blogposts, social media content and more, can help brands identify missed SEO opportunities and align content with consumers’ journeys. Assessing the user’s journey can help brands align and create content for each stage of their journey.

With the consumers’ journey mapped out, brands can start creating relevant content for each stage like awareness, consideration, decision and success. Examine the current content resources across platforms to find missing content pieces between stages and bridge the gap.

Marketers can also analyse competitor content and compare site performance to come up with content that addresses and nurtures consumers' needs. Further, use SEO tools to find ranked keywords, new content topics and keywords competitors may or may not be targeting.

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