Researchers to adopt new virtual techniques

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February 03, 2021, 4:37 PM GMT+0

The State of AI in Market Research: 2021 report by Remesh suggests how market research teams can use AI to deliver better, timely results.

The study found that 97% of market researchers are likely to adopt new virtual techniques in the long-term to conduct research. With attention spans becoming increasingly shorter, market researchers must look for ways to improve efficiency and cut down research time. 

With 55% of all mobile consumers spending 15 seconds or less on a website before leaving, brands must deliver personalised offerings before users move on. This need for instant gratification is further compounded by services like Twitter news feed, which can provide news faster than traditional media outlets.

Market research companies should focus on speed and personalisation to be relevant among potential clients. Implementing AI in research processes can help these firms increase the speed of their research delivery.

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