Marketers must conduct SERP analysis

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February 03, 2021, 4:27 PM UTC

SERP analysis can help brands improve their chances of getting featured on Google Snippets.

Marketers must consider the context and objectives of their keywords while planning their marketing strategies. Tools like Moz Keyword Explorer and Google Search Console can help marketers conduct keyword research. However, marketers should filter keywords by “Queries” to find potential ranking opportunities.

Companies should avoid top keywords from the list, as those keywords are already considered as featured snippets by the tool. Conducting SERP analysis can help brands understand what Google interprets as the ideal answer, giving marketers more information to compete for the snippet position. It can also help marketers understand what users expect to find when they search for a specific term.

Marketers should also analyse their competitor’s content to understand their efforts to get featured on Google snippets. Conducting comparative analysis can further help marketers identify potential SERP opportunities. 

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