Analyse competitor sites to boost SEO

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February 03, 2021, 4:40 AM GMT+0

Recreate a better version of a competitor’s top-performing page to boost website ranking.

Conducting a competitor analysis can help brands understand their opponents' marketing strategy and boost website SEO performance and SERP ranking. Analyse competitor’s website with tools like BuiltWith to gather insights on widgets used, ecommerce, frameworks, mapping and more.

Having a good understanding of the site’s architecture by creating a sitemap helps determine “parent and child page” hierarchy and find product and content gap. Running an analysis of website content, like organic keyword, can help brands find similarly ranked keywords and craft effective keyword strategy.

Use tools like Webpage Similarity Comparison Tool to compare site elements like page title, meta description, keywords, text, and more to assess competitor patterns. Ahrefs Link Intersect tool helps marketers analyse and mine their competitor’s backlinks. Data from mining backlinks can help brands build effective backlinking strategy.

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