Use AI to offer personalised coupons

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February 02, 2021, 1:20 PM GMT+0

Over 80% of consumers like receiving emails regarding sales and discount offers.

With more than half of consumers looking for digital coupons while shopping online, businesses must capitalise on online discount coupons to improve sales. Companies should implement artificial intelligence in their coupon marketing strategies to enhance user experience.

AI can help marketers provide customers with customised coupons to boost sales, especially when people have less disposable income. Leveraging AI-powered chatbots can further help brands improve customer service and offer personalised coupons to the consumer.

Artificial Intelligence can further help brands better understand consumer pain points, desires and challenges. By offering discounts for the right product to the right consumer, businesses can significantly increase their sales. AI tools let marketers define their potential buyers, collect consumer data and make coupon marketing highly targeted to drive desired results. 

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