Optimise Facebook dynamic product ads

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February 02, 2021, 2:28 PM GMT+0

When used appropriately, Facebook dynamic ads can help increase conversion rates and boost sales.

Instead of promoting single products or randomly running Facebook carousel ads, marketers should group related products into themed catalogues. Showing consumers more versions of a high-value product at one time can help marketers increase product add-ons and average order values.

As Facebook algorithms automatically optimise ads to serve the most relevant ads to the end-user, marketers should give Facebook time to assess each campaign’s performance. Providing contextual product details can help brands improve their chances of showing up on their potential buyer’s Facebook feeds.  

Marketers should consider split testing with different types of images and videos while keeping the same creative. It would help marketers find out what works best for their business. Businesses should also consider localising language and pricing while targeting international audiences.

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