Improve sales-marketing collaboration

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February 02, 2021, 2:40 PM GMT+0

Aligning sales and marketing teams can help brands better understand customer persona and ensure both groups work towards the same goal.

B2B selling is expected to shift from solutions to an “insights selling” model in 2021. Based on this model, marketers will focus less on striking a deal and more on building a long-term relationship with consumers while providing them with insights and sharing accountability.

Both the sales and marketing team will have to work in tandem during the transition. The marketing team would need to provide actionable insights to the sales team by pointing-out customer pain points promptly and clearly. 

This alignment between the sales and marketing teams is needed for an effective CX. A lack of collaboration between the two verticals can cause customer frustration, impacting brand performance and revenues. Automating these processes can improve efficiency.

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