Concept testing improves product quality

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February 02, 2021, 3:57 AM UTC

Concept testing uses qualitative surveys to assess consumers’ acceptance rate of new product ideas before launch.

With COVID-19 upending business operations, brands that adopted product research methodologies like concept testing fared well. Companies can initiate concept testing during the development stage of a product and communicate its benefits to consumers to evaluate their reaction.

Brands can build personalised personas and identify relevant pain points and solutions by surveying prospects throughout the ideation to the production stage. Rather than building a beta version, concept testing would help detect major bugs in the product and read consumer sentiments cost-efficiently.

Besides gathering insights like consumer motivations and preferences, companies can also implement concept testing to drive innovation and develop apt solutions from the feedback. Develop a marketing plan and use data from the surveys to create hype for the product and drive sales.

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