Beacon technology drives in-store sales

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February 02, 2021, 9:51 AM GMT+0

With beacon tech, brands can track ad attributions for paid social campaigns and PPC ads to increase ad spend ROI.

Brands can launch proximity marketing campaigns using beacon technology wherein wireless transmitters send signals to consumers’ smartphones with consent through Bluetooth. Marketers can then use the data gathered from beacons to send relevant messages to prospects, increase in-store purchases, and enhance SEO locally.

When used for organic marketing, beacon technology is inexpensive, low maintenance and improves customer experiences. However, to leverage beacon tech in both organic and paid marketing campaigns brands must have a content ecosystem in place with expertise and adequate skills.

Businesses can leverage beacon in paid campaigns to get immediate results, gather consumer data, and craft tailored marketing messages. Retailers can also implement beacon tech to track the behaviour and shopping patterns of their consumers, build accurate personas, and drive sales.

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