Auditing site content boosts traffic

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February 02, 2021, 2:27 AM GMT+0

Tools like Site Checker can help brands effectively identify search queries driving the lowest clicks.

While a negative trend in Google Analytics could indicate a decline in organic traffic, brands can check the organic search section under “Channels” to determine the page source of negative traffic. Once identified, brands must log in into Google Search Console and evaluate the “Performance” with previous reports.

This step can help marketers identify the most affected search queries. With impacted queries now revealed, brands must search the terms on Google to find any “click-stealing” search elements like featured snippets, images, and more.

Following active discussions on SEO forums and Twitter is recommended to check if any updates from Google is negatively impacting traffic. Optimise content using keywords to match the searchers’ intent and ensure it’s up to date to improve search ranking and boost organic traffic.

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