Allocate budget to marketing automation

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February 01, 2021, 3:01 PM GMT+0

Automation can help marketers track buyers as they move through the purchase journey.

Prioritising automation can help in effectively tracking customers in each stage of the sales funnel. It can also help marketers deliver relevant consumer experiences through content, product, sales and customer support.

 In the coming time, it will become imperative for businesses to collect and leverage first-party data to gain deep insights into consumer behaviour. These insights can help brands better personalise marketing efforts. Combining website data and social media insights with a customer relationship management tool can deliver relevant and meaningful customer experiences.

Marketers should also invest resources and time to improve their company blog. Along with sharing product/service updates, brands should use their website to highlight their stand on social causes and issues. Organising engaging hybrid events can further help companies maintain relevance.

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