Optimise product descriptions

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January 29, 2021, 11:31 AM UTC

A well-written and SEO optimised product description can help enhance search rankings, boost CTRs and improve conversions.

Marketers should ensure that their product descriptions are enriched with relevant keywords to optimise content for search engines. Instead of highlighting generic elements of the product, marketers should use descriptions to provide real-time solutions to consumer problems. Product descriptions should also address different consumer queries.

Companies should regularly monitor ranking factors like page conversions, bounce rates and latest trends. They should accordingly make changes to make sure their product descriptions are updated and adjusted for best results. While placing keywords in their product descriptions, marketers should focus on their target audience's needs, pain points and desires.

Separately Highlighting each product feature's perks and advantages can help marketers sell an experience and not just a product. Companies can also highlight social proof like customer testimonials to justify their product benefits.

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