Positivity could ease pandemic fatigue

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January 28, 2021, 3:39 AM GMT+0

Study finds that people are drained talking about the pandemic and are seeking new connections for the year ahead.

In 2021, brands need to adopt positivity and reflect the same in their messages to succeed. Research from Berlin Cameron and Perksy measured sentiments for 2021 revealing people are tired of hearing the phrase “new normal”, and 59% said they would never want to hear it again.

36% of survey participants listed improving mental health as one of their top goals for 2021 and 46% wanted to spend more time outdoors. Brands and industry leaders would do well to dissipate the stigma around mental health and offer services like one-on-one check-ins for their staff.

As people were in isolation, 46% spent time with their families, and 42% said they want to make new friends. 40% of participants plan to join hobby-based groups to build new connections.

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