Embedded video can improve on-site time

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January 27, 2021, 11:45 AM GMT+0

It can also help marketers improve brand recognition and enhance searchability on search engines.

Instead of adding video links to landing pages, marketers should consider embedding videos to their webpage content. Though links are easy to share, embedded videos allow users to watch the video without leaving the webpage.

Similarly, links are useful for promoting the YouTube channel, but embedded videos help boost the average time users spend on the webpage - a vital SEO element. Marketers can also choose the start time of the video and redirect users to the relevant portion of the content, rather than showing the entire footage, while embedding videos.

Companies should also consider embedding videos to optimise their content for search engines and enhance their chances of ranking higher on Google. Embedding a video on the landing page provides an opportunity to display the thumbnail, strengthening brand recognition. 

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