Better online experiences boost sales

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January 27, 2021, 2:36 AM GMT+0

90% of customers prefer home delivery over store visits according to a recent Manhattan Associates’ survey.

With the new normal impacting consumers’ online shopping behaviours, ecommerce brands have an opportunity to disrupt US retail. With 90% of consumers having increased online shopping since the pandemic, as per Deal Aid, brands could do well to nurture relationships with their top spending customers.

Online brands need to identify top spenders and deliver enhanced buying experiences to attract consumers as they pivot towards online buying. Providing enhanced buying experiences can help online businesses engage repeat consumers while maintaining a constant revenue stream.

Executing product distribution with efficient operations, logistics, shipping and solutions like drop-shipping can also help improve purchasing experiences. Create an accurate budget and forecasting report to manage cashflow and have a line of credit readily available to sustain growth amid economic turmoil.

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