Build ideal persona with psychographics

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January 22, 2021, 5:11 AM GMT+0

Having a sample size of both unhappy and happy consumers enables brands to create accurate personas.

Developing a buyer persona can help marketers personalise and humanise their marketing campaigns while categorising key segments of their audiences. Brands can use buyer personas to refine and personalise their ads, according to their audiences’ preferences, needs and wants.

Creating human-to-human conversations by asking appropriate questions and having an adequate sample size helps build more accurate personas. Brands must focus on psychographics like personality and opinions to effectively target consumers beyond demographics and offer relevant solutions.

Factor in negative traits like high acquisition costs to avoid spending resources on unattainable consumers and ensure the personas match the interests and priorities of real consumers. Businesses must evaluate the market to gather insights on pain points, motivational factors, and concerns of their ideal consumers to create relevant personas.

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