2020 changes customer loyalty drivers

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January 22, 2021, 12:09 PM GMT+0

A recent study by Futurum Research highlights the shift in consumer behaviour and opinions due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

The study found that 2020 has resulted in new customer concerns, reflected in new loyalty drivers: Personal safety, scheduling needs, relevant suggestions and human touch. Customers are now looking for safe, fast and human experiences. 

The pandemic has also accelerated mass acceptance of immerse technology, with 76% of customers saying companies must offer smarter, more personal and more interactive products. Around 74% of customers also expect wearables, smartphones and AI assistants to be primary consumer engagement vehicle. 

Moving forward, the majority of customers expect to use AR and VR to sample products in 2021. Additionally, the leading immersive technologies that brands are prioritising now are voice-based AI assistants, holographic, and AR and VR. 

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