Improve B2B SEO content with research

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January 21, 2021, 2:50 AM GMT+0

Leveraging Insights from online conversations on social media can help B2B brands build trust.

Understanding consumers’ pain points, requirements, goals and challenges through market research can help B2B businesses promote products and drive sales efficiently. Conduct thorough market research to build buyer personas, evaluate consumer needs, optimise offerings, create relevant and valuable content.

Keyword research tools like Google Trends can help marketers identify prospects in the early stages of their journey and build SEO optimised content and relevant B2B social media strategies. Implementing social listening tools helps gather data on valuable online conversations around the brand, hashtags and industry keywords and effectively measures consumer feedback and sentiments.

B2B brands must also monitor review sites, as these provide brands with feedback on products, leadership, and sales. Competitor analysis helps brands conduct a side-by-side comparison of key metrics and derives actionable business strategies.

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