Brands should utilise employee advocacy

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January 21, 2021, 2:27 PM GMT+0

According to High Research Institute, only 16.6% of companies implement employee advocacy programs.

Employee advocacy occurs when a team or team member promotes the brand on social platforms. When implemented appropriately, employee advocacy can turn team members into thought leaders, and the overall effect of trust and relationships from employee advocacy can result in better customer retention.

With 75% of B2B buyers using social media to make purchase decisions, implementing employee advocacy can help brands attract new businesses, increase engagement and improve conversion rates. Studies show that employee advocacy can help brands expand their reach, build trust among their existing clients, and attract potential customers' attention.

To encourage employees to promote the brand on social channels, companies should train their employees on social media best practices and regularly communicate with them about new content via internal channels. Marketers should also enable social listening tools to track customer retention.

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