Varied content types enhance engagement

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January 20, 2021, 11:25 AM GMT+0

Monitor content performance and test different headline styles, article and video lengths to optimise content.

Creating high-quality content regularly without any goals can prove to be futile. To ensure the content performs better and provides audiences with a fresh viewpoint, brands must consistently update and work on their content strategy.

Producing content in formats like blogs and videos frequently can help brands deliver value to audiences. Moreover, optimising SEO for blogs allows marketers to improve content’s ranking on search engines. Blogs are better suited for long-term goals, like ROI, whereas videos can sell products, and increase subscriptions in the short-term.

Establish the content goals, decide on the type of content format and evaluate audiences’ sentiments to see what content works. Brands can gather insights like income, preferences, and more through Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn analytics, and create appropriate buyer personas.

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