Right hashtags can help feature on TikTok FYP

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January 20, 2021, 4:03 PM GMT+0

TikTok For You Page is a curated feed of videos that shows content based on users’ interests and past interactions.

Marketers should research and find the relevant hashtags and keywords to attract the right followers and monetise their audience. However, brands should avoid stuffing their content with unnecessary hashtags.

Participating in hashtag challenges and using a combination of popular hashtags with less popular ones can help brands gain prominence on TikTok FYP. Marketers should also create shorter videos to increase their video completion rate, improving their chances of landing on the app’s FYP.

Marketers should make sure their TikTok content captions are short, highlight related hashtags, and encourage engagement. They should also analyse their analytics and post new content when their potential clients are most active.

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