Green marketing reduces carbon footprint

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January 20, 2021, 3:40 AM GMT+0

Offer sustainable physical giveaways like tote bags and coffee mugs in experiential events.

Delivering experiential experiences and realigning marketing approaches to sustainable ways, allows companies to reduce wastage, recycle materials, and reduce carbon emission. To effectively promote experiential events sustainably, create digital marketing campaigns, employ brand ambassadors and use paper leaflets.

Building experiential products or other consumer goods out of FsC-certified materials can help brands reduce ecological damage, as the certification is environmental friendly. Group local areas together, while offering multi-site tours and use electric vehicles to lower carbon footprints further.

Having a plant-based menu for experiential marketing events and reducing meat serving can help companies become more environmentally conscious. While offering giveaways help attract consumers to experiential events, determine the necessity of physical products, and replace them with digital gifts like e-vouchers wherever possible.

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