Personalise B2B sales lead content

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January 18, 2021, 1:54 PM GMT+0

B2B marketers need to look beyond transactions and foster personal relationships with their clients.

Marketers should tailor their B2B content to target the right audiences with relevant and useful information. They should build buyer personas based on their target audiences’ demography, location, preferred content channel, desired goals and pain points. Companies should also conduct audience research to create content that addresses their prospects’ search intent.

While personalising content, companies should focus on presentations, social media and landing pages. B2B marketers should also capitalise on various content channels like blogs, podcasts, video and forum.

B2B companies can further create gated content to enhance lead generation efforts. Marketers should also make sure their content addresses consumer pain point early and solves their problems through the content. Marketers should use more visuals than text in gated content, provide a preview and include clear CTAs to direct audiences. 

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