Offer premium customer service via social

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January 18, 2021, 12:02 PM GMT+0

Implement CRM tools like SuperOffice to manage all social media consumer activity in one place.

As more consumers take to social media for customer support, businesses have an opportunity to leverage social to improve consumer services. With 54% of consumers preferring social media for customer services over phone calls or emails, brands could do well to offer premium customer services on social.

Evaluating personas via data analysis helps marketers identify the right social channels and serve consumers where they are. Constantly monitoring social media channels and branded hashtags allow companies to proactively address queries, issues or complaints and improve customer service efforts.

While communicating with prospects online, avoid using rude tone, and maintain a neutral or apologetic tone, to decrease churn rate and boost conversions. Taking customer complaints offline on emails or phone calls is recommended to prevent needlessly extended conversations on social media.

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