Brand values matter for Black Americans

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January 18, 2021, 2:13 PM GMT+0

A recent Numerator study highlights the importance of brand values’ among US consumers when making purchase decisions.

The study found Black and African-American consumers’ purchase decisions are more influenced by a brand’s values than other consumer groups. Similarly, Hispanic and Asian consumers are also more likely than white consumers to form purchase decisions based on brand values or diversity and justice commitment.

Around 22% of Black consumers said a brand’s values are essential in purchase decisions, as opposed to less than 18% for the overall population. 31.1% of Black Americans said a brand’s commitment to diversity, equality and social justice is important for them when choosing a product or service over 16.1% for all.

Numerators’ study shows that Amazon is among the brands that are likely to benefit from values and diversity. Other than Amazon, other big brands that run ads featuring diverse talent include bigwigs like AT&T.

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