Use thought leadership to earn trust

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January 15, 2021, 7:42 AM GMT+0

B2B marketers can leverage customer engagement strategies suggested by LinkedIn to boost performance in 2021. 

To start, identify potential buyers early on in the customer journey. B2B marketers should try knowing their clients, and their clients’ customers. Then, businesses should look for commonalities, patterns and trends within the cohort. Following this, marketers can use segmentation strategies, and LinkedIn tools to target and filter audiences.

The audience groups can then be targeted with high-quality, relevant content. Content marketing must be used with an aim to reduce barriers for prospective customers. Asking thought-provoking questions on LinkedIn Groups can help marketers boost audience engagement and foster trust.

Businesses can establish thought leadership by sharing industry-relevant research and studies. They can also feature their business leaders in videos and posts. Marketers can further collaborate with industry influencers to co-create detailed, trustworthy and relevant content. 

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