US Gen Z women to rebuild lives in 2021

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January 15, 2021, 10:13 AM GMT+0

Meredith Data Studio and The Harris Poll surveyed 2,707 Gen Z women in the US.

Despite COVID-19 impacting the lives of American Gen Z women, this cohort is excited to rebuild their lives in the new normal. Top goals for Gen Z women in 2021 includes financial independence (31%), travelling (27%), doing well in school (26%), and prioritising mental health (24%).

However, six in 10 Gen Z women reported experiencing racial discrimination. To this, 76% want brands to embrace more women of colour in their companies’ services and products, in addition to marketing.

Further, 78% of Gen Z women have “broken up” with a brand due to factors like pricing, racial discrimination and labour practices. 74% are trying to find work-life balance. While 86% of Gen Z women consider social media to be essential, 83% also consider it to be dispensable.

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