Corporate branding can boost loyalty

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January 15, 2021, 12:17 PM GMT+0

Corporate branding is how a brand projects its mission and culture through its colours, logo, tone and design.

This piece recommends brands of all sizes should implement and amplify the use of corporate branding strategies. Corporate branding can not only help companies build a distinct brand personality, improve immediate recognition and enhance customer relationships but also improve customer loyalty and increase sales.

Companies should share customer success stories and personalise communications to strengthen customer relationships. Incorporating corporate branding strategies across all communication mediums lets brands attract new audiences and retain existing ones. Offer loyalty deals to valuable existing customers as around 80% of revenues of a business originates from nearly 20% of the company’s existing consumer base.

Businesses can start building their corporate branding strategy by identifying their intended audiences and competitors. They should then create a mission statement and identify their brand personality.

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