Brands to adapt social commerce features

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January 15, 2021, 12:58 PM GMT+0

New regulations and policy changes could make brands more accountable on social media.

Social media trends that occurred in 2020 could impact how brands operate and behave in the digital space in 2021. With ecommerce rapidly evolving on social media, many social platforms like Instagram have implemented e-commerce capabilities.

Retail brands can leverage these ecommerce features to create their own digital storefronts and offer streamlined shopping experiences to consumers. This, however, could lead to a cluttered digital space as more social channels vie to entice consumers with indistinguishable shopping features, giving rise to alternative social platforms.

Twitch’s user base increased to 140 million monthly users in 2020, signalling a shift towards long-form, lo-fi streaming platforms among non-gaming content creators. Additionally, brands now are likely to engage in social media activism, as campaigns like Black Lives Matter compelled brands to respond in 2020.

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