Audits improve internal communication

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January 14, 2021, 7:34 AM GMT+0

Include objective, data-driven approaches, and key insights into internal communications report.

Conducting a communications audit can reveal valuable data, thereby allowing brands to assess their strengths, weaknesses and create an effective internal communications plan in 2021. A data-driven audit further helps companies measure metrics and improve communications program overtime.

Businesses must hire independent auditors or have internal departments audit areas out of their jurisdiction to collect accurate data. Auditing communication sender areas like HR, finance or IT, and channels used like emails can help brands create appropriate content and deliver to their staff’s preferred channels.

Measuring metrics like message frequency, email open, read and click rates, meeting attendance, and more can also help companies enhance internal communications. Creating an executive summary and a report with all changes and highlighting insights and solutions is recommended to inform leaders of the communication plan.

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