Facebook Workplace adds new Safety Check

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January 13, 2021, 9:56 AM GMT+0

With many companies working remotely, millions of paid users have joined the Facebook-for-business model to communicate with colleagues.

The social media giant has updated the safety features of its professional platform Facebook Workplace. The company has added a new “Safety Check” feature and live video enhancement option, enabling brands to monitor employee safety and facilitating more presenters in a stream.

The update would increase functionality and provide a new UX to let businesses check on employee safety, manage communications during crisis and issue travel advisories amid the pandemic. It would also enable brands to track the availability of employees in different locations, ultimately helping them to reduce downtime in waiting for business replies.

Companies can also stream live videos on Facebook Workplace and have multiple presenters during the stream. Earlier in May 2020, the company added Q&A post option to its professional platform to help enhance internal communications.

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