Personalised content has better reach

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January 12, 2021, 1:18 PM GMT+0

Implement a dynamic linking strategy based on personas to steer consumers towards personalised content on sites.

Building personalised content marketing strategies can help brands improve their conversion rates, boost revenue and build trust with their consumers. With 93% of companies confirming revenue growth with advanced personalisation, businesses could do well to personalise their marketing content.

To develop such content, create personas by tracking prospects’ data via automation tools. Tracking demographic data, preferences and behaviours can help marketers craft personalised content. Create Geo-specific content to effectively target consumers according to their location.

Analysing owned media and third-party channels like websites, emails and social media can help marketers create engaging and personalised content. Mapping buyers’ journey further lets brands create appropriate content for every stage of the consumers' journey. Brands can influence their consumers’ purchasing decisions and augment conversions, with sales-funnel optimised content.

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