Agencies must focus on retaining clients

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January 12, 2021, 1:09 PM GMT+0

As businesses are uncertain about the new year, focusing on client retention can help agencies bring stability.

Agencies should consider this time of the new year to strengthen old relationships and build new ones. With most companies operating remotely, agencies have the opportunity to make new and lasting interpersonal relationships. They should further use this opportunity to humanise and personalise their efforts.

Creative companies should highlight data to reassure clients about the influence of their work. Investing in analytics and insights can help agencies show results to their clients and support their strategies. Agencies should also be prepared for potential challenges, staffing issues and unexpected delays.

The author suggests agencies should be able to make agile business decisions and have flexibility to support existing clients and expand in new directions. They should also invest in their growth, consider hiring more people and increase communications to attract client’s attention.

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