Improved site UX can boost online sales

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January 11, 2021, 6:55 AM GMT+0

Companies must ensure their websites are informative as they can influence prospects’ buying decisions.

With the pandemic impacting purchasing habits and behaviours, online transactions among consumers have been accelerated. As consumers pivot towards digital transactions, and businesses adopt digital transformation to deliver tailored experiences, brands must optimise their sites’ user experience (UX).

Building websites with enhanced UX can help marketers effectively convey their brand’s story and attract potential consumers. Developing ecommerce solutions with simple user interfaces and innovative digital experiences can help brands gather valuable insights and drive sales. Tools like point-of-sale system can help brands collect consumer data.

Considering factors like navigation, structure, calls-to-action while creating ecommerce sites can help improve usability and enhance UX. Designing websites with consistent design elements like fonts, colours, and personalising the site with product recommendations further augments UX and drives sales.

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