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January 06, 2021, 5:20 AM GMT+0

Tracking social media trends, industry-specific trends, customer-specific trends can help marketers create effective marketing campaigns.

Trendspotting allows brands to forecast trends before they are popular and helps in creating viral marketing content. Brands must consider trendspotting as a form of market research, as it can guide specific projects, campaigns or change their direction.

To effectively spot trends, marketers must have frequent conversations with their consumers about their products and features via polls, surveys and questionnaires on social platforms. Social listening further allows businesses to track keywords and terms used among their target audience and identify up-and-coming industry-wide trends.

Brands must conduct a competitive analysis on their competitor’s campaigns and evaluate their marketing approach to spot any trends relevant to their own campaigns. Analysing brand’s top- content and speaking with industry influencers allows marketers to effectively track trends and boost marketing efforts.

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