Understand consumers’ brand perception

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January 04, 2021, 9:06 AM GMT+0

Companies should look at their business from the customers’ perspective to provide relevant product and service offerings.

The author says, “Perception isn’t just about listening to your customers; it is about understanding your business from their perspective”. Marketers need to proactively seek customer feedback and analyse customer data to understand how, when and why consumers interact with their brand or use their product/service. 

Businesses should understand what consumers love about the company and what frustrates them. Understanding what would make their lives easier working with the company and understanding how the company can provide more value to the customers can help brands understand their business from a consumer perspective.

Companies should avoid inundating customers with the latest updates and features. Instead, brands should acknowledge that they know their customers are busy, and the business is ready to help whenever consumers need them.

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