Improve site ranking via dynamic rendering

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December 31, 2020, 1:39 PM GMT+0

Google’s dynamic rendering solution brands can fix their website’s indexation issues.

As the internet grows more wide-ranging, brands must employ the practice of technical SEO to make their websites more accessible for search engine bots. Technical SEO include tactics such as structured  data markup, page speed optimisation, and rendering optimisations

Implementing technical SEO strategies can help search engines better understand websites, and rank them higher. However, with websites becoming more expansive and interactive, on an average 15-20% of websites URLs don’t get indexed by the search engines.

Dynamic rendering allows brands to serve two versions of their website, depending on whether it’s a user or a search engine bots. With dynamic rendering, businesses can cost-effectively have the content of their websites crawled, and have argument their content ROI.  Website’s with frequently changing content and websites that use social media sharing must leverage dynamic rendering.

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