Brand apologies should be empathic

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December 29, 2020, 10:46 AM GMT+0

COVID-19 has provided brands with enough opportunities to apologise to their consumers.

With the pandemic, many opportunities have propped for organisations to apologise to their consumers and stakeholders involved. However, most corporate apologies are passive and impersonal.

A recent BusinessWeek article suggests four components for an apology; accept responsibility, empathise with the situation, state the lessons learned, and explain the due course of action after the apology. Companies must analyse their lapse and apologise either briefly or using all the four mentioned components, depending on the situation.

Further, as brands are forced to layoff their personals due to COVID-19, businesses must avoid using slangs like “firms restructure”, “streamline and downsize”, “reposition”, and more. Companies could do well to understand the “lingo” of their staff in uncertain times to assess better and handle layoffs.

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