Proactively address customer complaints

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December 28, 2020, 12:00 PM GMT+0

Using customer feedback to address consumer problems can help companies’ build-up goodwill.

In most cases, customer complaints revolve around shipping and fulfilment issues; inventory problems; inaccurate product photos and descriptions; and website responsiveness and usability. Businesses should acknowledge customer complaints and proactively address their issues to build long-term relationships - including expected delays in shipping or product delivery - with their consumers.

Businesses should analyse their annual inventory report to identify high-demand products and peak sales period. They should make provisions accordingly to avoid running out of customer favourites and bestsellers.

Adding a FAQ page can help businesses address consumer concerns before they turn into complaints. After resolving any issues, brands should ask for customer feedback on their support experience. Businesses should also encourage customers to share their opinion on how the company can improve the store as a whole.

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