The future of events is hybrid

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December 28, 2020, 11:42 AM UTC

Though virtual events dominated the event space in 2020, businesses will move to a hybrid structure in 2021.

COVID-19 forced an accelerated shift to remote working and virtual event models. But in the coming year, companies are expected to adopt a more hybrid event model – that combines local networking meetups with online interactions.

The hybrid event model offers flexibility, which can help companies use resources effectively and help gauge audience engagement and make informed decisions. This elastic approach can help businesses eliminate many barriers to running successful events, like distance and accessibility.

With leading European technology conference Web Summit and global news agency Reuters confirming they will be adopting a hybrid model, it is evident that businesses are ready to embrace a hybrid structure in the coming year. A hybrid model can also act as a strategic foundation before companies consider moving back to in-person operations.

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