Add voice into media mix to boost sales

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December 24, 2020, 5:50 AM GMT+0

Integrate voice in marketing campaigns across the consumer journey to build apps around voice assistants.

The growing importance of voice in user interfaces driven by the pandemic has seen many brands adding voice to their marketing mix. With consumers now spending more time at home, the use of home assistants like Google Voice, and Amazon Alexa has increased. Companies can use voice to expand media portfolios.

To incorporate voice into media planning and marketing, marketers must understand that voice is a user-interface channel, as well as their owned channel. Being well-informed on developer tools built for voice-driven commerce can help brands create voice apps and integration programs.

Businesses can build mobile apps around Alexa or Google voice assistants, websites, and more. Investing long-term capital resources, creating, experimenting and testing voice experiences based on consumer insights is recommended to build successful voice apps.

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